Lawrence High School Class of '68
Marilyn Norris
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Our classmate looked like this in 1968.
Marilyn Norris

And this is Marilyn Norris now.
Marilyn Norris Now
   Current Name:
Marilyn Norris Chaney

I married the love of my life, Roy Chaney, on December 8th, 1967. We celebrated our 40th anniversary this past December.

Our original plan was to marry in June after my graduation, but we moved the date up and married in the middle of my senior year. Roy was in the Army at that time, and was being sent to Germany. If we were married, he could send for me to join him after graduation, and he would be able to secure housing for us. I promised my parents that I would graduate, and they allowed the earlier wedding date. However, that was not to be. Roy did go to Germany, but a few months later, he got his orders for Vietnam, and had to go to war. We were only together 5 weeks of the first year of our marriage. Roy was injured in Vietnam, but thankfully was able to return home to me after months in a hospital in Okinawa.

We still reside in Lawrence, living on 50 acres just south of town. Roy and I own a plumbing, heating and air-conditioning business, Chaney Incorporated.

We have two sons, Kevin, age 39, and Jeff, age 38 who work with us in our business, and three grandsons.

Let us know if there are any memories you would like to share with fellow members.

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