Lawrence High School Class of '68
Anne Stewart
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Our classmate looked like this in 1968.
Anne Stewart

And this is Anne Stansbury now.
Anne Stansbury Now
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Anne Stansbury
507 Superior
Emmetsburg, IA 50536
(712) 852-3281
(712) 260-9424
3200 College Drive
Emmetsburg, Iowa 50536
(712) 852-5254
I've been in Iowa since my divorce in 1981 working in admissions at Iowa Lakes Community College. It's been a good career watching other people's kids and my own grow and move on. I have two children, Ryan in Atlanta and Jessica in St. Paul, MN, two grandkids, Mason (Atlanta) and Hannah (MSP). I keep busy with state and national admissions work/causes and trying to finish my dissertation at Colorado State. After only 8 years of dating the same guy between here and Des Moines I decided to get married again (someday -- I accepted the proposal at Christmas but no date). I'm looking forward to seeing everyone, but the faces permanently missing are hard to accept.

Let us know if there are any memories you would like to share with fellow members.

Lawrence High School Class of 1968
P. O. Box 3235
Lawrence, KS 66046